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With a distinctive taste for the health and wellbeing of the body, Bake Eden produces natural and nourishing mini loaf cakes made from fresh organic herbs, vegetables and fruit (fresh & dried). We also offer unique workshops, catering services and consultancy

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Dedicated to delight and entice your taste buds

Bake Eden was created by David Johnson, a professional chef with over 30 years experience in the catering & hospitality industry.
Having worked for such prestigious companies such as British Gas, Rabo bank, HMRC, Meryl Lynch, Lloyds of London, Building Research
and Warner Bros - Leavseden Studio.

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What's different about Bake Eden cakes?

All our cakes are hand crafted with the finest, freshest ingredients, sourced locally from British suppliers throughout the country.

There is nothing artificial about our cakes. Free from chemicals and additives, they're packed with healthy ingredients such as natural honey, home-grown garden herbs, a variety of seeds, fresh and dried fruit and organic vegetables. We only use natural products to create our amazing unique flavours.

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We run a variety of different cookery workshops, designed to help you master your way around the kitchen or simply help you gain a better understanding of different cuisines and how to execute them.

Let our workshops inspire your creativity. Click below to find out more about the classes that we run and how to book your place.

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Chef consultancy

Meet the Head Chef,
David Johnson - available for consultation services

David is available to undertake a variety of consultancy services.  He has the ability to supervise and assist a team of chefs.  Skilled in maintaining kitchen stock hygiene etc.  Excellent creativity and customer service approach.  Remarkable planning and organisational skill with multi-tasking ability.  

Consultancy services include:
- Interview and training
- Food safety
- Team building and mentoring 
- Food production supervision 
- Menu planning and food costing 
- Reducing and management of
 food waste

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Buckingham Palace

" I have been asked to send you The Princess's best wishes and to thank you, not only for the book presented by Mrs. Atkinson but also for the very welcome and delicious luncheon. yours sincerely "
. . .

Mrs Brian Hammond MVO
Lady in Waiting to
HRH The Princess Royal


Rothschild Corporate Advisors

“Many congratulations on the excellent organisation of the dinner yesterday. It is quite obvious that it was a success. You and your colleagues have definitely contributed to the great awareness of sustainability and the role BRE has played in achieving this”
. . .

Oliver Rothschild
Rothschild Corporate Advisors


GeoCapita Investments

“Many thanks for a most enjoyable evening and please thank your colleagues on my behalf. If I had been asked I couldn’t have picked a finer menu and that comes from someone who in the past has been accused of being a fussy eater. The mix of guests most interesting and informative and I must confess I did meet some chaps I will be following up with. It seems
odd that the Insurance Industry has apparently not embraced what you are trying to encourage, for someone like me I enjoy the challenge and has given me a new lease of life”
. . .

James Spencer-Grey
CEO, GeoCapita Investment


Cambridgeshire County Council

“Well done indeed for last night and your last 5 years of creating the Innovation Park. I enjoyed the dinner and met so many excellent people and contacts. Thank you very much
for inviting me”
. . .

David Arkell
Cambridgeshire County Council



“I would like to thank David for the wonderful dining experience and meal that was complimented by all the guests. This was further highlighted
by Oliver Rothschild, a man who has experienced fine dining from around the world, asking for a second helping of the Gressingham Duck! Thank you all again for making this event such a memorable occasion"
. . .

Jaya Skandamoorthy
Director, Enterprise & Innovation | BRE



“The food was delicious, decoration to detail in the room outstanding and the staff were excellent. I have had many people today saying that the Duck in particular was wonderful, Dave should be very proud. Please thank everyone"
. . .

Vanessa Connolly
Chief Executive's office | BRE

Our latest Hints & Tips

Avoid mishaps when cooking with these helpful tips for the kitchen, saving you time, money and food wastage

How to effectively 
freeze double cream

Freeze cream in an ice cube tray, and then transfer the frozen cubes into polythene bags to store in the freezer again. These cubes can be added directly to hot soup, sauces or casseroles.

How to thoroughly check
a cabbage

Before buying a cabbage, check the heart is firm by pressing the centre with your thumb. Avoid those cabbages with brown, soft and discoloured outer leaves.

How to Preventing discoloration on Fruits

The flesh of pears and apples discolour quickly when exposed to air. Once cut or peeled, they should be treated with an acidic liquid. The juice of a lemon, lime or orange will prevent discolouring.

More hints & tips

Our Head Chef Johnson has worked for some very distinguished clients