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To blend ingredients, is to find a new essence to create unique and different flavoured cakes and other food products, so lives can be changed through EATING DIFFERENT EATING NATURAL Our vision is for the consumers to experience some of what the Garden of Eden had to offer for the health and wellbeing of the body.

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Dedicated to delight and entice your taste buds

Bake Eden was created by David Johnson, a professional chef with over 30 years' experience in the catering & hospitality industry, working for such prestigious companies as British Gas, Rabo bank, HMRC, Meryl Lynch, Lloyds of London, Building Research and Warner Bros. (Leavseden Studio). 

David is a qualified Head Chef and has developed a reputation in various companies, catering for leaders in Government, as well as politicians, Lords and celebrities. David is a passionate and highly creative Chef who always strives for excellence in all he does.

He has delivered exquisite dishes, helping to raise the standard of several high profile companies, and has received complimentary remarks for his creative and delightful dishes.

David’s idea for Bake Eden arose from his vision of the Garden of Eden, where everything grew fresh and healthy from the earth providing a nutritional source of food for everyone. It’s a simple story but one that comes from the heart. 

Our Head Chef Johnson has worked for some very distinguished clients